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Patient Testimonies:

I met a friend of mine for coffee. She had been very ill but she looked amazing. I asked her what she did? She told me she had just come from Bio Energy. She was glowing. I, myself was seriously ill with Crohns disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diverticulitis and Fibromyalgia. I hadn't worked in over a year. I had profound exhaustion, constant crippling pain, unable to leave the house due to the Crohns disease. The medical profession told me they could do no more for me.

I started Bio Energy treatments with Michael and Tina. As I was so gravely ill, I knew there was a long road of healing ahead of me. I have been attending Bio Energy for 11 months and I still attend for treatments. I am back at work. I can leave the house again. My pain is almost gone. I have consistent energy. I am living again and enjoying family life. I have had no surgeries and don't take prescription medications.

Michael and Tina gave me the support and reassurance to keep going when my body was healing. During these times I felt as if I was getting worse. I was tempted to give up. But my illness was leaving my body and they gave me the faith to persevere.

Bio Energy changed my life. I have hope in my life again. I enjoy attending Michael and Tina because their experience and expertise in their field is evident. For the first time in my life I am on the road to full health. Bio Energy helped me achieve this.

Thank you Michael and Tina.

Ann Marie
(January 2018)

It’s over 25 years ago since I was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Since then, in my quest for help, I have attended Medical, Neurological Consultants, GPs, Complementary therapists proficient in Reiki, Pranic Energy, Body Talk, Reflexology and Nutrition. I have even learnt and studied some of the above myself. In my personal opinion and vast experience, Plexus Bio Energy by Michael O‘Gara and Tina Forkan win hands down as being the best treatment for my ME symptoms, which are: physical and mental exhaustion (that truly only fellow ME sufferers understand), headaches, brain fog, digestive problems and unrefreshing sleep…

Michael and Tina are both such wonderful therapists. Both are non–judgemental with no display of egotism, condescension, superiority or disbelief. At their clinic in Galway there is no mandatory completion of intrusive questionnaires or distribution of guilt ridden diet sheets, just kind acceptance with pure positive energy.

Does it take effort to attend the 4 daily sessions? Yes. Does it take money? Yes, but not as much as I have paid to other therapists.

We have to take responsibility for our own health. Good nutrition, mindfulness and stress management are all beneficial, but when you feel you are being overcome by ME/CFS and need a helpful hand I highly recommend Plexus Bio Energy. You have nothing to lose but everything that is worthwhile in life to gain.

Linda Leenane
(August 2017)

I suffered from a rash and feeling tired and stressed for several months. After taking antihistamines for the rash for a long time and seeing no improvement, I enquired about bioenergy with Michael and within three days, the rash had improved greatly and I no longer had to take the antihistamines I was prescribed. My energy levels increased and my mood also improved greatly. The difference was amazing and I continued to improve.

Two months later, I feel so much better. All of my symptoms have lifted and I feel like my old self again. I am so grateful to Michael for his help and I would definitely recommend bioenergy to others suffering with these symptoms.

(July 2017)

Michael O’Gara gave me my health back. I had suffered for a year with severe stomach pains, cramping, bloating and unexplained acute pain in my lower stomach area. Despite a whole series of tests by medical consultants, they could not find a cause and as a result doctors were prescribing random medication which made me feel worse rather than better. I had heard of bio-energy through a variety of friends and family and decided it was worth a try as I had nothing to lose. Michael had come highly recommended. On the very first day of my four day treatment, I noticed the symptoms started to ease. By the end of the treatment all my stomach pains had gone. I had forgotten what it was like not to be bloated, not to be in pain and no need for any more medication. Michael used these words to me that “bio-energy is like lifting the trailer off the car” and I couldn’t better describe it. My body was healed and light from all the pain I had carried for so long.

Once my health was restored, I brought my two daughters to Michael. My eldest daughter had constant chest infections and was very anxious. There had been unfortunately some episodes in school of bullying. After her sessions she had no more infections and is much more relaxed and at peace with herself. She describes it as if the plate has been wiped clean off her chest and starting afresh. She is now more confident in herself. Often other class mates annoy her but she just ignores them and doesn’t let them affect her anymore. She calls Michael her “magic man” and maybe he is. It’s so wonderful to see her happy again.

My other daughter, had croup as a baby and continuous stomach pains which would resulted in her been constipated a lot. Those pains are no longer.

People frequently say that the pain is psychological and bio-energy is nonsense. Perhaps that is the case. For me, I am no longer in pain. I have new energy and feel so strong mentally and physically. You have to reach your own conclusion based on your own experience. Bio-energy works by taking the daily stresses that have built up over our lifetime and stagnates in our body making us ill and grinds us down. You remove all that stagnation and your body starts to function again with a renewed sense of energy and wellbeing. We often choose alternative treatments when the traditional route of going to a doctor has resulted in nothing. Life is precious and being ill is not nice. Michael is more than a bio-energy specialist, he is a healer as well which is an incredibly rare gift. If you value your health, seek Michael out. You’ll never look back but forward with great health.

With best wishes,
Marcella Clarke
(January 2017)

Our little baby boy Charlie was suffering badly from Colic, we had several visits to the Doctors but unfortunately they could not help. I heard about Michael O'Gara from a friend that had availed of his services.

Michael called to our house as Charlie was only a few weeks old and not easy to transport at Night. He carried out Bio Energy Treatment on him and he advised us as to what to expect afterwards. Michael called 4 nights in a row and treated Charlie. From the first treatment we began to see massive changes in babies ability to get up his wind after a bottle. It was unbelievable to be honest.

From that day to this he has not looked back, he is over 3 months old now and sleeps the full night through and is thriving.

I would highly recommend Michael O'Gara and his ability to carry out Bio Energy as a treatment, he transformed our little lad.

Thank you,
Tom Jordan
(November 2016)

Jack who was born in September 2014. He started to develop what we called night tremors when he was about 15 months. This meant he could wake at any stage during the night in an absolute state crying his heart out. Most of the time he was not even awake for these crying sessions. These tremors could last for between two minutes and as long as two hours. I thought we had tried everything until my sister recommended Michael.

On the 27th of March 2016  Michael came to my home house in Mayo to commence his treatment on Jack. I will not lie, it did not get off to a great start; or so I thought. Jack woke just before Michael arrived to work with him, but Michael assured me that he could still do his job. And obviously he did, because despite it taking an hour and half to settle Jack back to sleep again after Michael going, when he did, Jack slept straight through for nearly eight hours, which before this was totally unheard of for him.

Michael worked on Jack for the next three nights (he was asleep for these!) and I am thrilled to say from that night on Jack has been a different child. Not only does he practically sleep through apart from a normal awakening for a drink or for an assurance that mammy or daddy is nearby, he is a lot calmer during the day as well! I have to make a point of this; because before we met Michael, Jack had taken a lot of tumbles and was unbelievably clumsy. I am happy to say this has subsided as well.

All I can say at this stage is thank you so much to Michael. Not only did he change Jack's life, he also changed his whole family's. We will be eternally grateful.

Sandra Carey
(May 2016)

I visited Plexus Bio Energy in Galway in September 2013. I had suffered from mental and physical exhaustion for a year and a half after cutting short a trip abroad. I could no longer work in the fast paced corporate world where I travelled a great deal. I had no energy to function, as well as suffering from severe depression I was emotionally the lowest and weakest I've ever felt in my life. I had gone on medication for depression for five months but I did not like the side effects. I did other forms of complimentary therapy which helped me but when I visited with Tina and Michael I was looking for emotional healing as well as fully restoring my energy and eliminating the depression so I could work and return to a normal life.

I wanted to move to another country but my health was not restored and I was emotionally not fit to do so. I am a positive person and I had done everything I could to assist my own recovery and I was getting discouraged after a year and a half. I read all the testimonials and decided to give Plexus Bio Energy a go.I had nothing to lose.Tina and Michael were both so professional and reassuring and I was delighted I had found them.They assured me if I stuck with it my health would return.

The first round of treatments I found very difficult and I had to sleep a great deal. My energy got worse before it got better.Tina and Michael assured me this was normal.Tina assured me I was sleeping so much as the toxins were leaving my body. I kept coming back for more treatments every six weeks and each round got easier and I started slowly to feel stronger and my depression started to lift. I stuck with it as I started to slowly get more relief. Within four months I had the strenght to move to another country.

I'm here almost two months and I'm back working after two years. I feel really well and my energy has returned to about 75 per cent of what it used to be. My depression has finally gone and I'm emotionally the strongest ever, stronger than before my illness. Plexus Bio Energy was the final process in my healing journey and I will be forever grateful to Tina and Michael. I will always keep them both in my daily prayers of gratitude. They gave me my health and life back and the emotional strength to make a difficult decision to move and make changes in my life. My health is restored and I know in time my energy levels will be fully restored. I will visit them every year when I return home to make sure this will never happen to me again. I would highly recommend Tina and Michael for the great work they do. They are true caring professionals.

Aine O'Neale
(Februay 2014)

About twenty years ago, as I started to grow older, my legs started to give me a lot of problems and became very weak. This was a big problem because I stand a lot being a priest. I went to the hospital about the problems with my legs and they told me my left leg was very bad with gangrene due to an interruption of blood supply to it and that surgery was the only option available at that very time.

Therefore I did not have long left to save my leg when I heard about Bio Energy, so I went along for a treatment. When I talked to Michael about the problems I was experiencing with my legs, he explained all about Bio Energy and how it could help, and I was very excited about it. The first and most important thing he said to me was to calm down my emotions because being too emotional blocks what he was doing, so he had his work cut out there as well.

I got great relief from the pain I had in my leg from the treatment. Michael also told me that the blood supply was getting trapped in my back and that was why my leg ended up with gangrene. He was right, when I was working on the farm doing stone work, before I joined the priesthood, I lifted a big stone that damaged my back because I did not know my own strength at the age of 19 years. My back got better over time, but never really fully recovered and I learnt to live with the pain all my life. I got some ease to it at times from massages.

Well to put this story to bed, my leg was saved and my back was fixed, and I could stand all day long again, which was a great feeling.

To maintain my well-being, I go to Michael for a Bio Energy treatment when I return to Galway every year.

Thank you very much Michael and Tina for all your help and I can only hope that someone reading this can also benefit from it and it makes a big difference to their life too.

Thanks again,
Fr. Tom Walsh - USA
(September 2013)

I came to Plexus Bio-Energy because I have severe psoriasis. For 25 years, dermatological visits prescribed topical creams, UV treatment and finally medication that suppresses the immune system. Some of these treatments worked better than others. Some even gave great clearance but as soon as I stopped the treatment, the psoriasis would return. At the start of 2012 I was so sure that medication wasn’t the answer that I started to look into alternative paths as well as having a restricted diet. I am very thankful that in November 2012, I was recommended Plexus Bio-Energy.

I still have a restricted diet as alcohol, lactose and gluten (among others) definitely aggravate my psoriasis. But my sessions with Michael and the exercises he recommended are also key tools for me. My time with Plexus Bio-Energy has helped me recognise stress and how to deal with it.

It is July 2013 and I am 30% clear of psoriasis compared to this time last year. And I expect the clearance to continue as long as I keep to my diet and my daily exercises from Michael. Having psoriasis is a challenge but it is also an opportunity to face up to whatever it may be that hasn’t been dealt with. And I’m definitely more able for that challenge after attending Plexus Bio-Energy.

Thanks for your help Michael. I look forward to editing this testimonial when I am fully cleared of psoriasis.

Kevin - Mayo
(July 2013)


Thank you so much for your help and encouragement throughout my illness. Coming to Bio-Energy changed me in such a way and your words of encouragement and reassurance I appreciate so much. It was an absolute pleasure to meet such a down to earth lady, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My life has changed in such a way I couldn't imagine. You helped me in such a big way. I will always be grateful.

(February 2013)

Michael and Tina were trained by Michael O’Doherty and Tom Griffin, who developed Bio-Energy in Ireland, to rebalance the life force energy within and around the human body.

I first became personally involved with Bio-Energy whilst attending a course about 10 years ago. The tutor was extolling the work of Michael and Tina, having attended their clinic. At the time I was suffering from fatigue, so I decided also to attend a course of four treatments with them.

The treatment was carried out in a private and relaxed atmosphere in their clinic in Galway. During the therapy, they advised on measures to be taken regarding diet, exercise, rest and breathing in order to regain good health and self empowerment. During the therapy, I felt heat, cold, and tingling sensations as they corrected the energy fields in my body. The non-invasive treatment is performed with soothing music in the background, and Michael & Tina’s kindness and holistic approach really enhanced the experience.

Following further treatments, I was so impressed with their techniques that I decided to study and qualify as a Bio-Energist myself. Recently, I was greatly indebted to Michael and Tina for letting me take part in a month long internship in their clinic. There, I witnessed at first hand, their clients’ confidence in Michael and Tina’s professionalism.

I could not recommend highly enough, the Bio-Energy therapy provided by Michael and Tina.

Bríd Ní Loideáin
(May 2012)

I am in my late fifties and always enjoyed good health and a high energy level. A few years ago this changed with the sudden onset of violent vertigo and vomiting attacks which would last for several hours, some days I could have numerous attacks, after the attacks my balance would remain disturbed for days, stumbling, swaying and staggering, on some occasions people mistakenly thought I was drunk. Recruitment of sound (a by-product of sensorineural hearing loss) and very loud tinnitus accompanied me continuously.

I had disturbed/ blurred vision, making it very difficult to read or to judge distance and approaching traffic. I could no longer drive due to my impaired vision and the sudden onset of vertigo attacks, these symptoms were accompanied with overall joint inflammation/pain and profound fatigue. My ENT specialist diagnosed Meniere’s disease and prescribed medication. On his advice I invested in two hearing aids and tried to accept that this was my lot in life.

My symptoms continued to deteriorate, my hearing continued to fluctuate. The joint pain increased and I now suffered neuropathy of the face/head, legs and feet, dry eye syndrome and constant outbreaks of mouth, lip and nasal ulcers. I was referred to a Rheumatologist who diagnosed me with combined auto immune disease. Steroid injections plus anti inflammatory medications were added to the cocktail I was already taking. Beside weight gain there was little change with only a slight improvement in the joint inflammation. In the meantime my hearing continued to deteriorate. By now I was suffering from severe hearing loss. I attended faith healers, tried acupuncture, reflexology and any other alternative therapies I could find, but all to no avail. I felt that my future looked very bleak.

Then I heard of Plexus Bio Energy; I thought what have I got to lose. I met Michael O’Gara and Tina Forkan, both therapists in Galway city on Merchants Road, and I have never looked back. After three sessions of treatment over twelve months the symptoms of my illness have improved and my energy levels have soared, while my hearing loss remains unchanged I am pain and symptom free. I am walking three miles four days a week, some days I walk more. I have not taken any medication or had any steroid injections since the end of January 2012 and my doctor is very happy with my blood results.

The treatment is very relaxing and non-intrusive. I will definitely be returning for top up treatments from now onwards as required.

I can only add that Michael and Tina and Bio Energy have my gratitude for my greatly improved health and quality of life.

Thank you and God Bless,
(May 2012)

I first started attending Plexus Bio Energy in 2005, when I was in extreme pain from a slipped disc in my back. I had been off work for three weeks and had attended my G.P. and had started seeing a chiropracter but I felt that there was no sign of improvement with the pain or with my mobility. My brother in law suggested that I go and see Michael O'Gara who was a Bio Energy practitioner and he explained that unlike a chiropracter or physiotherapist, Michael didn't try and manipulate any muscles or joints and that the nearest he would be in contact with you would be about a foot away and that he worked by the sense of touch, that Michael could feel area's of tension or pain in a person's body by sensing it through his hands (heat or cold) and worked at unblocking this tension and in doing so, relieving the pain.

I was intrigued by this and was delighted to hear that there was no manipulation of muscles or joints involved, so I decided to give it a go. I had nothing to lose and even if a fraction of the pain could be alleviated I would feel so much better. The painkillers that the doctor had given me were making me feel sick and they seemed to slow me down mentally and there was of course,the lack of sleep so at that stage I would try anything.

I attended with Michael and found him very friendly and open. He explained to me what bio energy was and how it worked. He explained that bio energy was a very ancient form of healing that had been lost for years and that had recently (in the past 20 years) been re-discovered with very good results. He described some of the illnesses and ailments that it could help and described some of the patients that he had treated. During the first session, Michael asked me to lie down on a physio's table, face down, and began to work on me. He identified straight away where the problem was and actually pinpointed the area in my back. He said that he could feel tension there and that the blockage in my energy channels was causing all sorts of problems such as pain running down my legs, problems with my digestive system and a general feeling of my system being off-kilter. I was aware of Michael moving his hands about a foot above my body and halfway through the session, I felt a slight warming sensation coming down from my shoulders into the middle of my back. Then I felt a very cold sensation moving from my back and down both my legs. I told Michael and he said that the heat was the healing energy and the cold was the blockage moving out of my body. The overall experience was very relaxing and after the session, my husband commented that when I walked out that I walked "a lot straighter than I had in years".

During the second session, I felt the exact same sensations as before but they were stronger in intensity. I recall that the heat went from my shoulders right down to my feet. Each session became like a guessing game as to what sensation (cold or heat) that I would feel but after each session, I could feel the improvement straight away. Not only was I walking a lot straighter but I was feeling a lot more relaxed, the pain was subsiding day by day and I was having the best nights sleep for years. Michael explained that the body was starting to heal itself, that there had been a lot of damage done to my body down through the years and that the healing energies would keep working in my body for weeks to come. By the last session, I had nearly forgotten why I was attending Michael - the pain had virtually gone, I was sleeping extremely well, I had stopped feeling sick and my appetite had returned. Michael suggested that I return within 4-6 weeks for a further "maintenance" session to keep the healing going, which I did and from that point on, I attended with Michael twice a year.

Even though I attended Michael for a specific problem the first time around, a lot of the time I go to Bio Energy to maintain the healing. Sometimes in life or at work, we go through extremely busy, hectic and stressful times and sometimes a person doesn't know that they are under this pressure because the body is built to keep going. It is only when someone "burns out" or just can't get out of bed in the morning do you realise what you are going through. I have had a few periods in my life since 2005 when this has occured and the first thing I say is "I must give Michael a ring and he will sort me out". I joke with Michael that I only come to him when I am in trouble!!

One example of this was in 2011, when after a very agressive illness (MND) my mother passed away. Myself and my father had nursed her for six months and I attended with Michael about two months after she passed away. In fact long before my mother became ill, both herself and my father had attended Bio Energy on several occasions to help them with the general aches and pains older people can suffer from and both of them testified to the benefits they felt after attending Bio Energy.

When I attended Michael after the bereavement, I thought I felt a bit run-down but in general, thought that I had handled the whole situation as normal. Michael said that he could feel a lot of tension in my body even though I hadn't any physical pain. He explained that bereavement can cause blockages in the body and over a long period of time, that these could cause problems and cause a person to become unwell. I went through the alloted sessions and Michael advised that over the next couple of days, I would experience a release of emotions from my body and not to be afraid or scared, that this was normal. About two days after I finished the sessions, I woke up one morning and I started crying and this went on for a whole day, until I was completely exhausted. To tell the truth, this was the first time since even before my mother passed away that I had felt such a build up of emotion. I fell into a deep sleep and woke up the next morning and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my entire body. I felt clear headed and light and that I could think straight for the first time in a long time. I can't really explain how I felt but that is the best way I can describe it. It was something that needed to happen and Bio Energy helped me through this process.

I cannot thank Michael enough for the help he has provided to me and other members of my family down through the years. Bio Energy is a tablet-free, manipulation-free form of healing and is completely natural so I highly recommend it to anyone who is in pain or has an ailment or illness. It has worked for me and countless others and from my own perspective, I cannot praise Michael and Bio Energy highly enough. I hope that this testimony will bear witness to the wonderful healing properties of Bio Energy.

Sarah - Claremorris, Co. Mayo
(April 2012)

Recently I attended 4 Plexus Bio-Energy sessions and the results speak for themselves. I was having my hair done, not by my usual hairdresser and she started talking about running. As I'm a runner myself I started telling her of my knee and ankle problems after each run... I might add this lady was a serious runner... doing marathons... unlike me. She told me I should go for Plexus Bio-Energy treatment as she would always go if she had any type of injury. I had a 10 mile run coming up for charity and I had only ever ran 5 miles and I really wanted to do it so I booked 4 sessions. Well I can tell you I ran that 10 miles and didn't have an ache or pain afterwards and I'm still running.

I just want to say a big thank you and I won't hesitate in recommending Plexus Bio-Energy to my family and friends.

Yours thankfully,
Trish D.
(April 2012)

I have attended sessions of Plexus Bio-Energy with Michael O’Gara over the past 12 years. Initially as a recommendation from a family member for an old back injury picked up during a fall from a horse, the pain in the lower back eventually caused sciatic nerve pain which made regular everyday chores difficult and uncomfortable.

I got an appointment with Michael and after my 1st visit I felt some relief and after my 4th visit, normality had returned after several months of pain.

In the subsequent years during my sporting activities mainly related to horse riding, I have some minor and major limb injuries which were treated with Bio-Energy. I have found that with immediate treatment, I have been able to return to horse riding in a very short time span. A recent groin strain was a very good example of this. My doctors predicted recovery time with rest was 5 weeks and rest combined with an immediate course of Bio-Energy got me back to horse riding in 3 weeks.

It was not only my sport induced injuries that benefited as I suffer from Hay fever during the summer months and had taken antihistamines for years. Having Plexus Bio-Energy treatment at the beginning of the summer and at 6 monthly intervals has reduced my hay fever sensitivity considerably and I do not use antihistamines anymore.

Being a diabetic also, my regular check ups of HbA1c, Kidney function, eyes and feet are normal and I feel that the Bio-Energy combined with a healthy and active lifestyle has contributed to these positive results.

I am a firm believer that the Plexus Bio-Energy treatment was the key factor in helping me get back to normal and with regular treatments of the Bio-Energy, I hope it will aid in my general well being and prevention of any future health issues.

Yours in health,
(April 2012)

I had been suffering with the Herpes Virus in my eye since November 2010. To manage it,I had to take two anti-viral tablets on a daily basis which was very frustrating. I tried everything to get to the root cause but nothing worked. Then in January of this year, 2012, I started doing the bio energy sessions which were very positive. It’s now the end of March & the virus hasn’t returned to my eye. I’m delighted with the results & will keep up the habit of going back when needed.

(March 2012)

I went through a period about four years ago where I was getting strange sudden physical reactions for an unknown reason and then as a result feeling tired and very run down for a few days afterwards. This would pass and I would recover until it happened about the third or fourth time after which I was left constantly run down to the point where I didn’t recover and I was extremely fatigued all day, every day and it went on for months. When I woke in the mornings it was as if I hadn’t slept and I was unable to continue my football training and sport since it was too much of a chore to run for even five minutes. It was a very difficult condition to deal with particularly as I couldn’t see it improving or see a way out. Doctors couldn’t help so I decided to try a few sessions with Michael at Plexus Bio-Energy. A few months after the treatment with Michael I slowly and steadily started to feel like my old self again. First of all I would wake in the mornings feeling refreshed once again and soon after this I progressed to getting back to physical exercise and training again and enjoying it as I had before the condition started. I am a firm believer that the bio-energy treatment was the key factor in helping me get back to normal. Last year was the first year in a long time that I never once needed to visit a doctor and I plan to continue to use the bio-energy treatment whenever I can so that I can maintain my good health for the future.

(March 2012)

I woke up one morning to discover that I had lost the power on the side of my face, my mouth had twisted to one side and my eye lid was not blinking, my hearing was also affected. The whole side of my head felt like I had received an anaesthetic. I also had some swelling in the side of my face. I went to my GP who informed me that it was bells palsy and that there was no known cause for it to happen, and it was not linked to a stroke. I was very shocked and worried at the state of my face. As I had very good results from my previous therapy from plexus bio energy for chronic sinus infections, I decided to go back to bio energy for my bells palsy. Over the first few days of treatment I could feel more sensations coming back into my face again and I was able to blink my eye lid, by the end of the first session I was 90% better and came back for another session one month later and after that I never looked back. I am so grateful to both Tina and Michael for their great work.

Finally, all I can say is that it’s a very powerful treatment and can only help you.


I am a happy married working mum with two children aged 18 and 11. About 3 months ago, I started to feel a bit off about everything. I went to my doctor, who prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety tablets. Unfortunately these can take 4-6 weeks to work and can have side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

I started to feel worse - I wasn’t eating or sleeping and I found coping with normal day to day things extremely difficult. My self confidence and self esteem were very low and everything seemed major and I was terrified of everything. My family found this very hard to deal with but were very supportive and caring, but very worried about me.I started to feel worse - I wasn’t eating or sleeping and I found coping with normal day to day things extremely difficult. My self confidence and self esteem were very low and everything seemed major and I was terrified of everything. My family found this very hard to deal with but were very supportive and caring, but very worried about me.

At this time, my sister told me about Bio Energy, so I researched it on the internet and decided to give it ago and made an appointment to see Tina and Michael in Galway.

I was off work at this time so my parents brought me to the appointments-40 miles away, for 4 consecutive days. I started on a Monday. After Monday’s session, I felt very different - physically and emotionally and during the next 3 days, I cried a lot and felt lots of physical changes in my body and wondered what was happening to me. The therapists assured me, that this was all part of the healing and that the treatment would work over the next 6 weeks. Christmas was approaching and I dreaded it so much, but I tried to make an effort for my children. I really felt I was pushing myself so hard, and felt exhausted and drained.

Gradually, I started to feel a lot better and after 4 weeks I felt a great lift and felt more vibrant and full of energy and enthusiasm and I was amazed!!

I went back to Tina and Michael after 6 weeks for a follow up visit and I felt like a new person. I am so delighted. I am gradually weaning off medication and feel great.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TINA AND MICHAEL for helping me get my life back on track and feel able to accept and enjoy the challenges that each day brings!!!

Anne O’Sullivan
(Treatment December 2009 to February 2010)

I had a speech problem lasting 10 months, I had been to a throat specialist, had many test – all to no avail. A friend recommended I go to Bio-Energy (he had been and Michael O’Gara helped him greatly). I got an appointment and after my 1st visit I could speak a little, after my 4th visit I was back to normal. What a relief it was, good to be able to talk again, make a phone call etc. Thank god and thanks to Michael O’Gara.

It was not only my speech that benefited, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, High Cholesterol and Under Active Thyroid and was on steroids and treatments. I’ve not been asked to leave off any medicines, but after having blood tests done before a visit to the Galway Arthritis Clinic, my cholesterol had reduced and I’m on reduced steroids. I’ve got much more energy and my health in general has benefited greatly.

My voice is healing up well thank god. I recommend Bio-Energy; you will have a new life. I plan to re-visit any time I need to.

Mary McHugh

Sports people find Plexus Bio-Energy especially helpful. One particular client came to us three years ago on the recommendation of a friend of a friend because he was feeling run down. He had an old injury which meant that he was unable to straighten two fingers on one hand. After his first few sessions he found that he had regained mobility in his injured hand. When he tore ligaments during a training session, Plexus Bio-Energy helped to reduce the pain and inflammation and speed up the healing process.

After the birth of their son by Caesarean Section, his wife came for sessions to help build up her strength and support her body as it recovered. Their baby suffered from colic and constipation until a session of Plexus Bio-Energy sorted out both problems.

The entire family are now regular visitors every six months to boost their energy levels.

Tuam farmer Brendan Mahon is another great advocate of the Plexus Bio-Energy system, which provided him with relief from very painful arthritis and circulation problems, in a job which involves a lot of lifting and heavy work. He also suffered from psoriasis as well as having been through heart bypass surgery.

Brendan felt immediate relief from Bio-Energy therapy and was “much improved” after the first session alone. “It’s something I’d advise people to do twice a year, even if they have no problems or injuries. Prevention is better than cure any time” he says. “The way I look at it, I’ve nothing to lose, and I feel great after it – I go back twice a year for a top up”.

The woman who suffered 21 years of excruciating pain in silence says the Plexus system saved her life after hundreds of tests she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia – a chronic disorder characterised by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and multiple tender points.

On top of this harrowing disease she had MS, arthritis, chronic vertigo, prone to tutors, had problems with her lower back and knee, and had major breast surgery. She also had allergic reactions to nearly every medicine prescribed to her. She says “There were times when I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow in the morning because it was to painful. A week would pass by and I would still be in bed. I couldn’t put on make-up because my face couldn’t bare the pain and to get dressed was a nightmare, I’d ache all over.” She has found tremendous healing in the Plexus system and hasn’t looked back since and says “I finally got my life back again.”

I had pains in my head for most of my life. It lead to my eyesight going and lost it because of Glaucoma. I was six weeks without my eyesight. I was visiting a specialist and he was doing all he could for me, but it was looking very bad for the future. At that stage I could only see light and no focus at all. I heard about Michael O’Doherty and Tom Griffin, who were on the Late Late show with Gay. Both of them were treating people with what was called Plexus Bio Energy. So I called to visit them and I was pain free for the first time after four days. I then went back after three weeks and got treated again by both therapists and they worked on my eyes and the pain in my eyes went away, which I did not expect. They explained how it was all blocked energy and that it had to come out in order for my eyes to heal. I asked them would I be able to see again and their answer to me was: we will take care of your body in full. I did not understand it at all, I was told by both of them that they would work away and keep silent and asked me to please try to be patent.

Three weeks later I returned for another treatment, at this stage I was pain free and starting to see people again. I was so happy for myself, I could not believe it. I asked them with great excitement will this last and I was told it was up to myself from here to be more positive in the future and to keep my body and mind stress free. I was told by them to keep in touch for the future and that I will do. One of the key things I noticed when I went to plexus bio energy was that they are so kind to people.

I just want to thank all of the plexus bio energy team for all there help and kindness, and the very best in the future team.

Michael my son has now trained in the art of Plexus Bio Energy and has his own practice with Tina Forkan in Merchants Road Galway City.

Noreen O’Gara
(March 1988)

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